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Sunshine STEM Academy Classes, Workshops, and Camps

Sunshine STEM Academy offers after school and weekend STEM enrichment classes, camps, and workshops in Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, Reading, and Art subjects in a small class size setting in Alpharetta, Georgia.

SAT Subject Math 2 Exam Prep Course

Envisioned to equip students with a variety of questioning styles seen on the SAT Subject Math 2 exam in addition to cultivate & strengthen their problem solving skills along with their math skills.

The Summer SAT Math Camp is designed to prepare students for the math section of the SAT Subject Math 2 Exam. Students will be trained on algebra and functions, geometry and measurement, coordinate system, trigonometry, data analysis, statistics, and probability.

Required Materials:

- Pencil and eraser
- Small binder
- Calculator (TI-84 Plus CE Graphing Calculator)


Payments can be made online over Venmo App without commission fee. If you like to send a check, please choose check payment when you completed registration.

Event Location: Meetings will be held online over Zoom app

Date: 3 Hours a Week

Grade Level: High School

Enrollment Fee: $300 / Month

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